The HSI system

Historia de Salud Integrada (HSI) is a platform offering  various functionalities for integrated management of data from  patients, healthcare personnel and hospital establishments. Dynamic information on all parties involved in healthcare, administered efficiently and securely in compliance with international industry standards. 


HSI arose out of a project developed by the Lamansys Group at the PLADEMA Institute of the School of Exact Sciences at the National University of Central Buenos Aires (UNCPBA) with the cooperation of the Argentine Ministry of Health.

This integrated management system designed for healthcare establishments was developed with funding from the Productive Development Ministry, the Inter-American Development Bank and the National Agency for Promotion of Technological Research, Development and Innovation.

The platform has been designed to operate in an integrated manner with the Digital National Health Network operated by the Argentine Health Ministry.


Personal Data Updating by RENAPER  (National Registry of Persons)

Integration with the National Healthcare Interoperability Network

Based on HL7 FHIR standards

Problem updating using SNOMED

Updating of medical coverage


The system is currently being implemented in various jurisdictions and entities nationwide.  It represents a very significant contribution by HSI towards integration of all public/private healthcare subsystems within a Single National Health Information System.