A platform to modernize and integrate public health systems

What is HSI?

This application has been developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Argentina to digitize patient medical records and manage appointments, beds and other healthcare center resources.

The system has been integrated with the National Healthcare Interoperability Network, which connects various Healthcare Information Systems in Argentina, enabling the exchange of medical histories in a precise, secure, timely and high-quality manner for welfare, epidemiological, statistical and health purposes.


This module enables search and display of registered and unregistered patient data as well as the recording and uploading of new patients.

Historia de Salud Integrada  (HSI or Integrated Medical History) makes it possible to manage and document all relevant elements of patient medical records in relation to health episodes and illness (vaccines, allergies, medication, etc.).

This module manages patient admission to the healthcare facility as well as bed allocation, providing a complete record of patient evolution through to discharge.

This module helps the administration area to manage appointments on the basis of available physicians and specialists. 

This module manages bed availability and occupancy, records bed allocation and monitors bed preparedness and release for future use. 

This module combines platform configuration functions such as the structure of the institution (sectors, specialties), administration of user profiles, licenses, physicians and specialists and is adaptable to different jurisdictions.


State of the art technology

Developed and built specifically for healthcare institutions

Created with guidance from the Ministry of Health

Designed for interoperability

System based on HL7 FHIR and SNOMED CT standards





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